How to create your wedding mood board using Canva

Create your wedding mood board in CANVA
Defining your overall wedding style is one of the first things you’ll want to do when planning your wedding. The only problem is - with so much inspiration out there, how do you narrow down your ideas into one cohesive theme? Check out our top tips to creating a cohesive theme through using Pinterest here.
Now you have created your wedding Pinterest board lets bring it all together and put your very own wedding vision board to life. By creating a vision board for your wedding will be a great visual exercise to help you clearly define the look and feel you want to achieve through furniture, flowers and styling. 
Why create a wedding mood board?
Creating a mood board is one of the best ways to bring your wedding vision to life! Mood boards help you clearly visualise your wedding styling concept, while also ensuring your colours, materials, styling ideas and overall aesthetic work together cohesively.
Having an overall reference point for your wedding vision will help you stay on track when making styling decisions, while also being super useful for your wedding suppliers, too. It allows your suppliers to instantly understand the look and feel you want to create for your wedding.
Mood boards allow your suppliers to make suggestions, provide styling tips, and ultimately ensure their work is on point with your vision at each step.
Unless you are a guru in Adobe Illustrator or InDesign, we recommend you create your vision board in Canva. We created a Wedding Vision Board template for you to use in Canva to make this process easier - purchase your template here today!.
What is Canva?
Oh Canva....Canva changed my life. If there was something you couldn't do before, you can do it now all through Canva. Canva is a graphic design platform that allows users to create graphics for business and personal projects. If you are not familiar with Canva, now is a great time to learn some basic graphic skills for your wedding.
Steps to creating your vision board in Canva:
  1. Create your free canva account by going to
  2. Download any images into a folder on your computer called “Wedding inspiration”
  3. Open up the AWM wedding vision board template in Canva (you can purchase our template here for $9.95)
  4. Upload all of the inspiration images PLUS a photo you would like to use of you and your fiancé into Canva
Now that you have followed those steps, lets start creating your vision board:
  1. Page 1 | Cover page - add an image of you and your fiancé, add the written details, add approximately four colours that are most prominent in your colour pallet.
  2. Page 2 | Overall vision - add a brief description of keywords that will best describe the feel, theme and tone of your wedding. Add key images to this page that will visually set the theme of your wedding. You can repurposes these images throughout your vision board. 
  3. Page 3 | Bride page - here is where you will visually complete the on the day beauty look and attire. Add images that represent what you want to be wearing, how you want your hair and makeup to look and any accessories that tie it all together. 
  4. Page 4 | Bridesmaids - similar to the previous page, add images that reflect the attire, beauty and accessories.
  5. Page 5 | Groom - this is a great opportunity for both you and your groom to look at options of attire. The bridal attire really set the tone for the wedding. For example, if the groom is wearing a tuxedo, this is not commonly suitable for a beach themed wedding. There are many things to consider when selecting the Groom and Groomsmen attire so putting this on paper will give you a clear idea of what will work with your theme and most importantly what the groom feels comfortable wearing on the day. 
  6. Page 6 | Groomsmen - after you have defined the attire of the Groom, this may dictate the Groomsmen outfits. Generally the groomsmen attire is either of a similar nature or a less casual option. 
  7. Page 7 | Stationery - This page will define your overall wedding stationery including your invitations, ceremony stationery + reception stationery. You don’t need to include every single stationery piece required for your wedding day. Use this page to include colours, paper type, fonts, shapes that you are drawn to using throughout your stationery. 
  8. Page 8 | Bridal party flowers - Include inspiration of bridal bouquets, button holes, corsages or any other items you wish to include for your bridal party and family members on the day. 
  9. Page 9 | Ceremony inspiration - bring together your ceremony vision here, include inspiration images of your arbour / alter inspiration, furniture, decor, signage and flowers.
  10. Page 10 | Cocktail hour inspiration - your vision inspiration will include the furniture theming, flowers, food, the overall vibe and possibly some venue images. 
  11. Page 11 + 12 | Reception inspiration - there is more detail to include in a sit down reception so we have provided you with two pages to create your reception vision here. Include inspiration of any installations you are planning, lighting, table inspiration, decor + signage, stationery, table layouts, flowers, cake, wishing wells, gift table, guest book inspiration. 
Simply use our Wedding Vision Board to drop in images to create your mood board.
 PAGE 2 - TEMPLATE Create your wedding mood board in CANVA
Create your wedding mood board in Canva
Voila! Your wedding vision board is now complete. Refer back to your vision board when you are making big decisions about your stationery, flowers, furniture, decor and attire. It’s human nature to get caught up on something we LOVE but to avoid a mis-matched wedding don’t just order the things you that are trending if they don’t work with your theme.
Now you have your vision board, it’s great to start sharing this with any of the big ticket suppliers so they can understand your vision and assist in making recommendations that will work with your vision.

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