How to use Pinterest for your wedding!

How to use Pinterest for your wedding


If I asked if you are you using Pinterest for your wedding, your answer would be YES. And rightfully so.

Pinterest is the biggest wedding image platform in the world; because it is so large it can certainly be overwhelming when you start pinning your wedding boards. So lets talk through how you can create a cohesive wedding Pinterest board and stay true to your vision.

Whether you are working with a wedding planner or running solo and DIY’ing your wedding; Pinterest is where it all begins and it’s a great tool that can either hinder or help.

Here are our top tips to “help” you create your vision for your wedding day.

Tip 1: Start with one board.
We don’t recommend creating a board for each and every detail, as an example “wedding cakes” as a board or “wedding table decorations” as another board. There are so many elements to consider when you are planning your wedding; however if you create a board for each and every one of these aspects you will end up with too many boards and this is the start of the overwhelm.

Tip 2: Follow your favourite wedding suppliers and brands.
Most of your wedding suppliers will have up to date Pinterest boards with the latest trends and supplies, it’s a good place to start following these suppliers. You can either follow their entire profile or just select boards that appeal to you.

In the search bar you can select whether you to search boards, people or pins.

Tip 3: Create your “Wedding Style” board.
Your “Wedding Styling” board is your overall vision. Start by pinning any element of your wedding to this board, after some time pinning to this board you will start to see your vision come together. If you have an idea of your vision, theme or colour pallet start searching pins that represent these first and start pinning. For example, if you know you want neutral tones with blush, start searching blush wedding or blush wedding flowers.

Here are two boards we have created at Aisle with a cohesive theme and colour pallet: 


How to use Pinterest for your wedding - Aisle Wedding Market!

How to use Pinterest for your wedding - Aisle Wedding Market!

Tip 4: Revisit , narrow down, delete.
After creating your Wedding Style board and spending a few weeks or months pinning to this board you may realise that your vision is not exactly cohesive, this is where we recommend to then revisit your board and start “deleting” images that do not fit with the vision of your style or your colour pallet.

Tip 5: Create seven more boards.
Once you have you are happy with your overall vision in your “wedding style” board, we then recommend creating further boards. Those boards will be:

  1. Her style – attire, accessories, beauty, bouquet

  2. His style – attire, accessories, shoes, overall style

  3. Bridal party - attire, beauty, accessories, bouquets, button holes

  4. The details – stationery, signage, cake, on the day essentials, photo booth inspiration, wishing well etc

  5. Ceremony – furniture, flowers, arch, confetti, ceremony programs

  6. Reception + cocktail hour: furniture and lighting, floral installations, table decor, dance floor

  7. Wedding essentials: This board is used for you to pin all the products you find over the duration of planning your wedding, so when you are ready to make those purchases, you can easily find those products here in this board.

Modern Boho wedding dresses - Aisle Wedding Market!

Tip 6: Pin your products.

Planning a wedding in most cases is over 12 months of planning. You may find some great suppliers or wedding essentials early in the planning but you are not quite ready to purchase. Don’t loose track of those products, start pinning them to your wedding boards so when you are ready to purchase them, you will easily find them right here.

Tip 7: Vision board.
Now you have created your “vision” through your Pinterest boards, you can either share these boards with your suppliers or you can create your very own vision board in Canva to share with your suppliers. We will show you in a later post how to create your vision board using Canva.

We are obsessed with Pinterest, you can find us hanging out here most days. We have created over 35 boards with up to date trends for weddings. So if you are looking for inspiration, jump on over and start pinning directly from our boards right here.

Also, for a thorough walk through on how to use Pinterest for you wedding, view our video on YouTube right here

How to use Pinterest for your wedding - Aisle Wedding Market!

Happy pinning!




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