How you can plan an eco-friendly wedding?

How you can plan an eco-friendly wedding?


Planning a sustainable eco-friendly wedding for your up and coming nuptials? We have nominated some of our top eco-friendly wedding decorations and waste free products to help with your eco-conscious planning.

When you think of eco-conscious weddings the first thing that comes to mind is pre-loved or second hand items; which is why we created an entire category dedicated to pre-loved wedding items. But we went one step above and created a collection of our top Eco-Friendly Wedding Products just for you. 

We understand couples are being more conscious over their wedding purchases and not wanting to add to the single use waste, so we have put together a list of items you can find right here on Aisle Wedding Market that are either bio-degradable and breakdown in a short time or are digital and require contribute 0% waste.


Eco-conscious bride
Eco-friendly sustainable wedding
Eco-friendly wedding



You have probably heard the traditional wedding saying "something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue." At Aisle we love the idea of the "something old" being a heirloom family item. We have a wonderful range of beautiful velvet keepsake ring-boxes. Maybe this is your "something new" later to become someone else's "something old" in years to come. Weddings may have evolved and are not particularly traditional anymore, but this is one tradition that still remains today.

Wedding ring boxes
Wedding ring boxes
Wedding ring boxes
  1. Heriloom ring boxes


If you are wanting to go down the path of an eco-friendly wedding BUT you still have your heart set on a "new" wedding dress, one that has never been worn, it's ok! You might consider reselling your wedding dress as many other brides have done. This way you are still helping in the eco-friendly cycle. 

Eco-friendly wedding dress
Eco-friendly wedding dress
Eco-friendly wedding dress
  1.  Shop bridal gowns


If minimising waste for your wedding is a priority to you one of the first recommendations would be to have an online wedding website or digital invitations rather then paper invitations. Not only are you saving the environment with less paper being used and thrown back into the waste but you are also reducing cost in postage and fuel which is harmful for our planet. Think about it, 100 less invitations that are being sent might not sound like a lot but with more and more couples opting to digitalise their wedding invitations the difference will eventually make a difference.

There are many benefits of your own wedding website including regular updates, guests can RSVP online (also reducing waste), include maps of different locations including ceremony and reception and so much more. Post-wedding you can add your wedding day photos to your website and give access to your guests to view them by simply sending them an email with an update on your website.


Eco-friendly wedding invitations


Our best selling slipper-like espadrilles are perfect for dancing without worrying about sore soles! The Gypsy Queen wedges are more than just a basic espadrille! The silky ivory satin and the ribbon ties make these shoes extra special. These wedges are charmingly bohemian making them a perfect shoe for your wedding day, honeymoon and summer occasion. Best of all they are 100% vegan leather. 

Vegan leather bridal shoes - Aisle Wedding Market
  1. Gypsy Queen Espadrille Wedge



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