That Awkward Conversation - who pays, you or your bridal party?

Who pays? You or your bridal party?
Choosing your friends and family to join your bridal party is one the most exciting parts about the lead up to your day. There are some seriously awesome ways to 'propose' to your nearest and dearest, and make them feel like they have hit the jackpot to be asked to stand by your side.

So once the dust settles, and the all of the celebratory margaritas have been consumed - it is time probably time to have the 'chat'. The potentially awkward moment where you talk money and suss out who pays for what. So as the couple, what are you meant to pay for? We are here to help guide you through the mine field that is bridal party finances.

Generally speaking these are the things that you need to pick up the costs for if you are the couple getting married;

1) Hair + Makeup
On the day of your wedding you will more than likely have a hair and makeup artist come to you to be your own personal glam squad. It's a special few hours with your bridal party filled with champagne and moments that you will always remember. It's expected that the bride picks up the tab for the glam, and you should budget around $200 per person.|

2) Accommodation
The night before the wedding it is tradition for the bridal party to get together and have a few last drinks before all of the festivities begin. Again, it's the couples custom to pick and pay for a place that they want to spend their last single night.

3) Transport
This goes without saying, but let's get your bridal party to the event in style and not ask them to empty their pockets to make it happen.

4) Floral Bouquet
You picked it, you buy it! It's also tradition to gift the bouquet to your bridesmaid after the day.

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5) Outfits (Dress, Shoes + Suits)
This is a tricky one, and can go either way. We have done the research, and this one all boils down to exactly how many people you have chosen to have by your side. If it is just one or two, the expectation would be to split/cover costs. If you are having a whole football team by your side, you might want to have the chat with your bridal party to let them know that they will need to pick up the tab to be clothed on the day.

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6) Jewellery
It's generally the bride's gifting opportunity to buy her bridal party jewellery that they can keep as a memento after the day. You can shop jewellery here.

So, what costs are the bridal party expected to rack up on their credit card?

1) Travel
If they are flying in from exotic places, it's the bridal parties responsibility to cover any costs associated with their own travel.
2) Spray tans, facials and all the beauty extras
While the bride will cover the hair and makeup, anything additional to get super glam before the day is wholly and solely the BM's duty of care to sort out.
3) Outfits (Dress, Shoes + Suits)
See point 5 above. The bridal party should expect to pay if there are a bunch of other members equally invited to stand by the couple's side.
4) Hens/Bucks party
The bridal party will not only cover themselves here, they will also cover the couple's expenses.
5) Wedding gift
Yep, they are still expected to buy the couple a gift on the day.
So how do you have the awkward conversation and ensure you still make it to the wedding day as close as ever? Just be sure you are open and honest from the get-go, and give the bridal party the opportunity to give you a budget that they can work with for any expenses they might accumulate. It might mean selecting outfits that aren't threaded with gold, or giving them the opportunity to wear their own shoes on the day. At the end of it all, having them by your side if the most important thing, and the reason you have asked them in the first place - so don't lose sight of that and everything will fall into place.
As the couple you can also look for ways to cut costs. Maybe you could opt to stay at home the night before, or be driven to the ceremony by a family member? Or look to only go with flowers that are in season, to reduce the costs of each bouquet.

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