Aisle Wedding Market is an online multi-vendor marketplace for wedding professionals, engaged couples and married couples as buyers or sellers. We provide an ecommerce platform that connects wedding vendors who are selling a product or service with engaged couples who are in the market to purchase these wedding items or services.

Our marketplace is essentially a platform allowing our community of sellers to connect with our community of buyers. Our sellers will ship, delivery or arrange for buyers to collect product directly from them.

Our marketplace also provides opportunity for brides or grooms and current vendors to start their own wedding stores within this marketplace, giving buyers the opportunity to make purchases within one wedding market.

Together as buyers or sellers, we will make our industry thrive and open up new opportunities. 

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Retail seller

A retail seller is a wedding vendor / supplier who sells a physical product. 

We want to provide you with Australia's best wedding suppliers all in one place.  

Pre-loved seller

As we know weddings are becoming more eco-conscious and we want to do our part to contribute to eco-friendly weddings where we can, so we have opened up a Pre-Loved category on Aisle for the eco-friendly bride.

Wedding resources

Want to learn the "business of weddings" or perhaps you are getting married and want to enrol in a wedding course or download and learn from eBooks by your favourite wedding supplier? You can find all the wedding resources here on Aisle. 

Meet Judi (Co-Founder).

Hi, my name is Judi, I am the founder and co-owner of long time running and successful rental company of the south east coast of Australia, Hampton Event Hire. Years ago I started a Facebook page called “Recycled Weddings.” Within a few months, I closed the page because it was taking up time I sadly couldn’t commit to. It was a project I have always wanted to revisit.

I have always been passionate about weddings and opportunity, not just for myself but for a community. Aisle was built on giving back to the wedding community that I have been apart of for almost 10 years. A big part of my drive to create Aisle with Kristy is the education behind weddings, particularly for wedding businesses new or existing. I have been asked many times over the last few years if I would mentor businesses or create a wedding business course. This is something that is very important to me and I know there are so many fabulous wedding resources and courses available, which is why we want to highlight not just our fabulous marketplace but the resources and support we share within the wedding community.

At Hampton Event Hire, we own a very large range of inventory; quite often we are refreshing our stock and replacing or selling our discontinued stock. Aisle allows us and many other event hire companies the opportunity to sell direct to couples getting married or even other event companies.

Aisle is more then a passion project for me, it is opportunity. My wish is to strengthen this beautiful wedding community and give new opportunities to people who are seeking to become apart of this industry. Here at Aisle, we give you a great platform with immediate exposure to your exact target market.

Meet Kristy (Co-Founder).

Hi, I am Kristy and I am one-part of the Aisle Wedding Market team.

Nearly 10 years ago now I met Judi on a beach in our coastal town, where we were collaborating on a photo shoot to launch our respective businesses. Judi was starting out as a wedding stylist, and me a wedding photographer. Fast forward to today, and we are back collaborating on this very special project. It is our opportunity to give back what we have learnt and loved for the past decade.

On a personal business level, I started and grew one of the largest wedding photography studios in the country shooting up to 300 weddings each year. It was a business that took me all over the world capturing beautiful weddings. In 2018 I sold my photography business, and it was this journey that has reignited my passion to create this new community with Judi.

In addition to Aisle I currently co-own The Whole Bride (an online retail brand for brides), and Tweed Coast Weddings (an online portal for the Tweed Coast region).

Over the last ten years we have both thrown ourselves into the wedding industry wholeheartedly, and through it all have learnt that community is everything and the only way to build a business OR a beautiful wedding.

We can't wait to welcome you to our community, and create something special.