Our marketplace is setup for couples and wedding vendors who want to sell “pre-loved” wedding items OR event hire companies who are selling “ex-furniture rental” pieces.

As we know weddings are becoming more eco-conscious and we want to do our part to contribute to eco-friendly weddings where we can, so we have opened up a Pre-Loved category on Aisle for the eco-friendly couple.

It is also a great opportunity for entrepreneurs who want to start their own wedding hire business, here you will be able to purchase discontinued or ex-furniture rentals to expand your hire range. The more wedding businesses the "marry-ier." 

Setup your listing now!

You can list the following items

Wedding decor
Generic signage
Rugs and cushions
Wishing wells
Table linen
Crockery + glassware
Table numbers
And much more ++

Item restrictions

We are a boutique wedding marketplace, we pride ourselves on quality pre-loved items. If your product appears broken, damaged, stainer or in poor condition, your product may not be approved. Other items that may not be approved are small trinkets and chair sashes (sorry, it's not really the vibe we are going for here).

Fees for Pre-loved listings

15% commission on the sale price
Standard payment processing fees will apply
No monthly fees
No signup fees
It is in our best interest to promote your product/s on our social media outlets too at no additional cost


Setup your listing now!

ONE - Register. 

Click on the "setup your listing now" button, you will be taken to a login page where you can register as a seller. Our team will review your application. Upon review you will be notified of your registration status.

TWO - Setup your payments. 

Once you are an approved seller, link your Paypal or Stripe account - this is how you receive payments. 

THREE - Complete your profile.

Follow the prompts to create your seller profile. You can use this profile anytime and sell any Pre-loved wedding related items here. 

FOUR - List your product. 

Select add product, add your product title, description, images (high-res images are more successful). 

FIVE - Shipping or pickup.

Setup your preference for shipping or pickup only. If the items is pickup only, best to add more details in the description (not recommended to add your address). 

SIX - Success. 

Your item will then appear on the Aisle dashboard, we will add your item to the correct category and location. Your item will appear within 2-3 days. 


ONE. Aisle Wedding Market is a boutique marketplace, don’t undervalue your pre-loved items on any ordinary marketplace, list your products here for what it’s worth to an audience who appreciates quality pre-loved items.

TWO. It is hassle free, no back and forth between messenger or Insta DM’s. Your product is listed and bought with ease and no fuss. You are notified through email that your item/s have been purchased. You will then be able to ship directly to the customer or arrange pickup with the customer through email at a time that suits you both.

THREE. With the help of our existing wedding businesses, we already have an engaging social media presence which is drawing a lot of couples (and wedding vendors) to sign up to our database. The bigger our database, the better for all of our store holders.

FOUR. As part of our customer care, we have developed all of the customer cart + order emails templates.

FIVE. All purchases are final and paid online through Paypal or Stripe to Aisle; at which point the fees will be automatically transferred within a few days. There is no awkward cash handling or no possibility the buyer won’t show up when they say they will (such a Gumtree move). 


You can find more Seller FAQ's here. 

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