Kristy Mason - business coach

Kristy Mason.

Hi, my name is Kristy.

I started out in the corporate world of marketing - in finance. After obtaining a BA in Marketing I jumped from role to role and started to ‘climb the ladder’. However, there was always this burning feeling that I wasn’t doing what I was always meant to do. That’s when I decided to start my own wedding photography studio.

With limited photography experience, and no contacts in the industry I made it my goal to create something for myself and my family. Yep, it was a crazy split decision, that completely changed my life and transformed my way of thinking about ‘work'. Within 18 months I left my full time job, and was able to pay myself more than I could have dreamed of in my chosen career path.
Within 3 years I had built one of the biggest wedding photography studios in the country, and continued to expand before selling the business in 2018, giving my family and I financial freedom.

Along the way I have started a host of other businesses including Tweed Coast Weddings, Tweed Coast Guide, The Whole Bride, and now I am a co-owner of Aisle Wedding Market.

Sometimes you just need a sounding board, or someone to give you a little extra advice and a push. If you’re an entrepreneur at heart, or just wanting to break the 9-5 grind, or need a little guidance and motivation - I’d love to connect with you. 

You can find me here. |

Services include

I am available for:
Business coaching and mentorship
Business consultation
Public speaking
Workshop appearances
Podcast or Youtube interviews

Wedding clients include

Husk Distillers
Osteria Weddings
Ancora Weddings
The Acre Weddings
Taverna Kingscliff
Baked at Ancora
Long Rays Tonic

She Snaps Event Gold Coast 2020
Osteria Ladies Lunch 2020  

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