Biodegradable Confetti - Multi-Coloured - Rectangle


The Whole Bride

The perfect eco-friendly solution for your wedding, for the eco-friendly couple. 

Our confetti is completely biodegradable and water-soluble, and it is made from rice paper. This means it is light weight, and it floats in the air a lot longer than other alternatives (e.g. rose petals), so you can create those magic confetti photos! 

It's also mess free, as it will dissolve with water so you can hose it away or let nature do its thing. Best used outdoors.

180g bag - is enough for roughly 30 guests or for your location shoot. 
400g bag - is enough for roughly 60 guests.
800g bag - is enough for 100+ guests.

Our confetti comes packed in an eco-bag, with Whole Bride branding. 

**Please note that different photographer's filters can change the colours of our multi eco-confetti in images. We have included a studio image that is true to colour. Photoshoot images thanks to Cloud Catcher Studios**

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