The Element Of Earth Pendant - Sterling Silver



As early as the Renaissance, the twelve zodiac signs were divided among four element signs with three signs associated with each element. Together they form the natural world, so each element in some way depend on each other.

The Element of Earth is attached to the zodiac signs Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.

The basis of our existence begins with earth. Earth signs are the grounded people on our planet reminding us the importance of starting with a solid foundation. Steady, but slow, earth signs are stable and loyal, and stick by people through tough times. Earth signs value hard work, planning and putting things into action. On the other hand, they can be materialistic by focusing on the outer surface rather than digging into the depths. 

Earth is immovable and stiff, therefore needing air for balance however their challenge is to be able to recognise this due to its transparency, fast pace and instability.

Materials: Solid Sterling Silver
Size: 13mm x 8.5mm
PLEASE NOTE: Chain sold separately

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