The Element Of Fire Pendant - Gold


As early as the Renaissance, the twelve zodiac signs were divided among four element signs with three signs associated with each element. Together they form the natural world, so each element in some way depend on each other.

The Element of Fire is attached to the zodiac signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.

This is the element that represents energy.  Like fire itself, fire signs tend to be dynamic, passionate, and temperamental. The fire element is essential to our basic life force. These signs uplift the strength of the Sun with each person born under this 'Sun' sign is to cherish and nurture their emotional side.  This is the element that focuses on creation of personal or self identity. They may have to be trained in having deeper understanding and compassion for people, and have a tendency to give more than they should to those that don't ask.

Although fire may have no fear, this element needs air to help stay alight.

Materials: Vermeil - 3 microns of 23.5k gold over Sterling Silver. Nickel free. 
Size: 13mm x 8.5mm
PLEASE NOTE: Chain sold separately

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